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One of the 10 best albums of the year (Disaster Fantasies) - Ottawa Citizen


Selina Martin’s Disaster Fantasies is one of the Globe’s picks for the Polaris Prize – The Globe & Mail (Canada’s National Newspaper)


★★★★ 4/4 stars - Selina Martin has the voice of a thrift-shop angel and the eye of an eagle circling over its prey - The Globe & Mail


Polaris predictions from Radio Free Caunuckistan – Disaster Fantasies by Selina Martin


Throw Me In the Water, Breathe In and Always On My Mind (from Disaster Fantasies) all candidates for song of the year - Michael Barclay


CBC Radio 3 Track of the day: Public Safety Management by Selina Martin. One of the most intriguing songwriters in Toronto - Vish Khanna


★★★★ Life Drawing Without Instruction is a compelling collection, showcasing Martin’s musicianship, vocal talent and songwriting – Vue Magazine


★★★★ Martin revels in the unexpected on her tough, tender, and frequently astounding sophomore effort – Ottawa Xpress


Globe & Mail Essential Tracks: The Hottest Day and The Spirit of Radio by Selina Martin